About Us

An acronym for Law is “lost art of war”. The art of war, is a book written by Sun Tuz, an ancient military commander in the Chinese dynasty who used precise teaching methods and strategies for war. These methods have been successfully used in everyday life. Significantly in the Sports Industry.

Tuz's studies include: Patience, knowing your opponent, knowing who you are, knowing who you're fighting, being aware of your environment, knowing how to treat others, knowing how to overcome obstacles, knowing how to use your mind, and knowing how to out-think your opponent rather than fight. To do this, you must have a solid plan, be intelligent, have a positive mindset, value the process, build a foundation of hard work, and be diligent in order to win in life.

“Life in itself is a war."

This is what it took to create LAW 17. These methods and strategies developed the brand in 2017.