Law 17, founded in Los Angeles in 2017, is a fashion company that specializes in premium ready-made garments for modern men.

Taking a minimal approach, we combine timeless silhouettes with sophisticated craftsmanship to deliver quality clothing.

All design, sampling, and production is done in Los Angeles.

The core pillars of Law 17 are patience, culture, quality, and substance, all which provide a strong foundation for us to build a brand of integrity on.

Referring to our brand name, L.A.W. is our acronym for “love and wellness”, two values we live by and practice in our everyday lives. 17 is a spiritual number that embodies the care and wellbeing of humanity.

 Simply put, Law 17 means ​"Love and Wellness for Everyone".

Our mission is to help men discover and amplify their style so they can be confident and feel good forever.

Much love and wellness.